Jillian Davis

Minimalist jewelry designed to be everyday staples.

Tari Parnia

Jewelry Design is my passion.

Pierluigi Difrancesco

The Intersection of Aesthetics for Artistry and Technology. The Game between Motivation crisscrossing Perceptions.

Nancy Gadeau

Diana Vasile

My main source of inspiration has always been rooted in nature and in the way I interact with it.

Monica Wijaya

Mima Pejoska

My conceptual projects often satisfy the curiosity about the scope beyond the known form of ornaments. Over time, I focuses on the exploration of various elements from numerous perspectives.

Fenix Yan

Classic,Loft,Antik and etc.

Anne Lise Hestness

Elegant lux Bohemian.

Sergio Azzellino

Design from another world.