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Direct Channelized

The ultimate marketplace for innovative and
creative design options. Over 20,000 products to
fulfil the need of product purchasing for retailers
and wholesalers.

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Exclusive Worldwide

Join Jewelry Hunt to gain dedicated access to private
products directly from the creators. We drive to establish an
effortless purchasing experience for all cooperative clients.

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Design Studios Across the Globe
Leading Fashion Jewelry

We create open lines based on fashion trends. Seamless work
between design and manufacture team guarantees we achieve
the best outlook of physical piece from original concept.

About SPD

Countless renowned brands and retailers from across the world trust our
privately owned manufacturers and factories.
We aim to connect designers from across the globe to build undeviating
relationships from buyers to providers.

  • 442000+

    Registered over
    Worldwide Designers

  • 795600+

    Supplying more than
    Direct Products

  • 1000+

    Trusted by
    Big-brand Retailer

Designated Rate,
Diverse Options

Members can enjoy specialized wholesale prices on assorted
accessories by various artisans and designers. Limitless
styles, Endless choices.

Tailored Designs

We align with designers to deliver custom-product options
for our member clients. Lead to greater alternatives to satisfy
every needs and purposes. While our Replenishment service
offers quick and simple restock method to assure secured
on-time delivery.

Better Prices,
Greater Investment

Yearly activation or single apply option can correspond with
different business approaches that suit your needs.

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