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Transparent, dependable productions

Accompanied by our dedicated supply-chain we offer the entity of reliable commodities for our partnered designers, as well as any consumers who are concerned with the transparence of the manufacturing condition.

Qualify Management System

Jewelry Hunt’s exclusive factory has achieved certification to ISO 9001, with the focus of affordable, reliable and risk-free products. ISO 9001 is to proven the fact that we work continuous to improve reliability, and a verification of our commitment to quality. Visit iso.org to learn more.

Quality Management Principles

Why We Test

Criteria Options

We operate brass casting as the primary mental for most of our in-house production, together with wet plating process to achieve substantial quality and wearing characteristics for specific desired projects. This gives our fashion jewelry products the diversity options we long for.

  • Real Gold Electronic Plating

  • Sliver Electronic Plating

  • Rose Gold Electronic Plating

  • Rhodium Electronic Plating

Ionic Plating*

* Ionic Plating provides a high wear resistance (minimum coefficient of friction), with intense hardness to ensure extensive life-span. In addition, the film layer will significantly enhance the performance of decoration and appearance capabilities.

Featured Materials

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