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This affordable package will turn your designs into products.
Transform your original ideas and maximize inspirational value.
  • Project Assessment

    Consulting evaluation based on achievability, expenditure, troubleshooting, and equipment needs.

  • Sample Creation

    Realize finished sample-product using CAD/CAM, Mold Making, Waxing, Casting, Quality Control and more.

  • Professional Photoshoot

    Establish professional model and product images via preparation, photoshoot and retouching for product display.

  • Sample Delivery

    Our secured shipping center will delivery your product to you anywhere in the world.

  • Platform Listing

    The developed product will be directly available for sale. You can instantly list the product in My Shop and forward it to your buyers.

Standard Turnaround Time
Upload Work 24 HOURS Basic Estimation
Project Assessment 24 HOURS Production Analysis
Computer-Aided Design 3-5 Working Days CAD Specialist
Sample Creation 3-5 Weeks Molding
Photoshoot 3-5 Working Days Set up Studios
Delivery TBD Final Product
Listing TBD e-Workbench

* Based on the different situation of each original design and the communication response of users, the time will fluctuate accordingly.

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