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     Jewelry Hunt endures a strict protection policy for all of our members. Among the objects of protection on intellectual property law, design is a special object under legal protection. As far as the design is an invention-creation under the patent law, it will be protected by the patent law. As far as a design is an expression of an aesthetic concept, it will be protected by the copyright law. When the design is recognizable in the market, it can be protected by the trademark law as a trademark or protected by the anti-unfair competition law as a product decoration.

    If there are any designs on our platform encounter challenges of copyright or plagiarism of their works, Jewelry Hunt legal representative will immediately dispatch the letter of warning to inform the party of violation for the necessary corrective action. If the party of violation failure to promptly correct the matter may result in legal action against on their behalf.

    Although the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and the World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property Rights both stipulate that countries or members should protect industrial designs, they do not specifically require the method to be adopted. Similarly, the protection of designs in various countries in the world is not consistent. Some countries include it under the protection of patents, some countries include it under the protection of copyright law, while some countries grant it both the protection of patent law and the protection of copyright law. Other countries have formulated special industrial copyright protection laws based on the particularity of design protection.

Please contact our representative if you have any concerns on this matter of judicatory process.

Example of basic law protection for intellectual property:

· Patent law


· Copyright law


· Trademark law


· Anti-Unfair Competition Law


· Product packaging