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CAD Graphic Service

Development Service

Smart Factory

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  • Submit:

    Upload Reference Files (PDF/ STL/OBj/3DM), select elements, and provide
    details. Please notice that specifying descriptions will improve the result.

  • Payment:

    After verifying uploaded materials and description details, please provide a valid
    shipping address. Then counite with payment to send out your request.

    Submission Response: within 24 hours

  • Production:

    Our staff of experts will assemble a turnaround time after a project assessment.
    Then the CAD specialist will line up your project to ensure it is production-ready.

    Assessment Response: within 24 hours

    CAD Complete: within 3 working days

    Production Period: within 10 working days (Metallic)

  • Confirm:

    You will receive an inbox message if your pieces are ready. Confirmation will be
    needed to proceed to schedule delivery for your completed samples. Shipping can
    be tracked in Order Info.