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Wun Zih Wang_Jewelry designer

Wun Zih Wang

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About Me

Hi, I’m Wang Wun Zih. I used to work as a game artist, but one day I decided to embrace my passion for creating high and fine jewelry seriously. I hope to have the opportunity to turn my emotions towards things into tangible artworks. This is my perspective on the world, and I hope you will enjoy it too.

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I am currently working hard as an independent jewelry designer, but I am also open to any possibilities for collaboration or work. Please feel free to contact me.

About My Design

Inspiration for my designs can come from anywhere, but I find myself drawn to the natural world and anthropomorphic postures the most. What I love most is creating a context or emotional depth to my pieces, as if they were characters with their own personality and spirit that I've encountered. Through jewelry, I capture all that I observe.

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About Custom Order

The quality of gemstones and complexity of the design can have a significant impact on the price. Please don't hesitate to discuss your ideas and budget with me. I will try my best to find a balance. Additionally, if you appreciate my watercolor painting of jewelry, they can be ordered separately as artworks.

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