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Frequently Asked Questions



About Designer


1) How to become a designer?

A: Please visit Be a Designer page for a complete step-by-step instruction.


2) What are some of the benefits as a designer?

A: As our registered designer, some beneficial features includes: Free product display, Free chance of sample development, Earning via commissions.


3) Are there any legal protections on my designs?

A: Please visit Legal Protection page for a detailed description.


4) How to become Featured Designer?

A: Featured Designer is a contracted-collaborative status with Jewelry Hunt. For more details, please contact us via official@jewelryhunt.net.


5) What are some of the benefits as a Featured Designer?

A: Featured Designer will obtain exclusive in-site display, optional sales methods, brand recondition, seasonal collection distribution, etc. For more details, please contact us via official@jewelryhunt.net .



About Upload Works


1) What happens after I upload my works?

A: After the upload of your design, our experts will review the uploaded work à Approval à Sampling à Photoshoot à Generate product info page à Minimum-quantity production à Quality assurance; these statuses will be display as “Pending” before your design are ready to present as Products for sale.


2) What can cause refusal of my designs?

A: In general, work approval is based on technical, visual, and financial aspects. In addition, market positioning will also be a key factor of determination.


3) How are pricing determined?

A: In most cases, pricing is usually settle based on technical complexity, market determination, and cost.


4) What are some of the sales outputs beside this website?

A: Sales methods are regulated by market analysis to establish the final outputs. Such as influencer collaborative-initiative and publicize promotional advertisements.


5) How can I obtain my commissions?

A: Please visit My Earnings after you’ve become a designer.



About Services


1) What is Smart Factory?

A: Smart Factory is the combination of one-click sample development & small-quantity customize orders. Please visit Smart Factory page for a better explanation.


2) What is Graphic Service?

A: Graphic Service is a purchasable 3D modeling service for your design at an affordable rate. Please visit Graphic Service page for a better explanation.


3)  What is 3D Display?

A: Jewelry Hunt 3D Display is an online web-tool which will be able to assist the display of 3D files on browsers. This free service is useable after you’ve become a designer.


4) How can I utilize the MESSAGE board for my service orders?

A: The MESSAGE board is mainly for the commutation between you and our stuffs about service orders. Moreover, any extra comments about your request are more than welcome.


About Products


1) What is the difference between Products and Feature Products?

A: Feature Products is the designs from our featured designers, which contain brand elements along with conceptual perspectives infused into tangible products. Feature Products will earn more exposure on publicity and advertisements.  


2) What kind of payment method is functional?

A: PayPal is the recommended method of payment. Please contact official@jewelryhunt.net if you’re having issue on payment.


3) How can I check my Orders Information?

A: Please visit your User Center → Orders, where you will able to select from Feature, Product, and Service. You could also leave comments on MESSAGE board to contact our stuffs if you have further questions.


4) Are there different kinds of Coupon?

A: There are two kinds of Coupon for the purchasing purposes.

1. Reduction Coupon will reduce your total amount at checkout.

2. Discount Coupon will have a minimum requirement to become useable with the discount.