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The Green Pursuit

Release time: 07 July, 2021

Green JH

Our friends from the far north needed our help more than ever. By the end of the century, polar bears may become entirely extinct, a scientific prediction. The heart of the Arctic Ocean’s shrinkage has already placed the white bears’ habitat on thin ice. Along with Global Warming continuing to heat up our Northern Hemisphere, the ice of the northernmost will soon defrosts into standard saline water. 

"Polar bears are already sitting at the top of the world; if the ice goes, they have no place to go," Dr. Peter Molnar of the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.

Green actions are an all-time necessitation in the event of the redemption of our wrong-doings. With the aim to preserve one of the most amiable and symbolic animals on earth, environmental protection should be a priority for any corporations; to certain extent, all human-beings. Regardless, the habit of Consumption Concept will always be an obstacle that we must overcome if we wish to achieve a positive global impact on ecosystem protection. Among the mass production of industry giants, green-belief already faces many challenges along the line. The ever changing fashion industry is only a small fraction of the impairment to our Mother Nature. 

Under these circumstances, here at Jewelry Hunt (JH); a global platform for jewellery designers, we firmly believe in the preservation of natural materials. All of our production materials are RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) certified, meaning most of JH’s products are manufactured based on recycled materials. The fashion industry is a constantly changing domain, being so, as a part of the mainstream fashion fragment, jewellery designers have the urge to continuously evaluate innovative designs due to the demand of the market needs. As a part of the varying cycle, manufacturers are in addition to upkeep with various technologies and materials. This condition creates a chain reaction which has a colossal negative impact on the ecosystem. Wherefore, by utilising Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) materials, Jewelry Hunt endures the promotion of green products. 

    The fashion industry is single-handedly responsible for the expansion of enormous carbon footprints by fabricating products at a rapid lighting speed. Accordingly, the Jewelry Hunt design team works unceasingly to expand our environmental protection concepts for the sake of a change in fashion design domain. We spend an immense amount of time plus effort to achieve and claim credibility for the utilisation of recycled inputs through our supply chain. The objective of Jewelry Hunt’s standard is to push for a greater percentage of green-contents and the reduction of harmful impact on the environment due to production. In order to be awarded with the RCS label, one must follow a strict internationally recognised guideline to verify the specific inputs are from recycled sources; such as brass, iron, zinc alloy, etc. Therefore, Jewelry Hunt is proud to announce it as one of the eco-friendly platforms for jewellery design around the globe.

    Jewelry Hunt understands the constant exhaustion of searching for the genuine sustainable metal supplier. As JH works with various artists around the world, we carry the ability to propose JH’s Green belief to all our members as we progress in the fashion industry. As a service platform for assisting worldwide jewellery designers to achieve their utmost commercial success, at times, JH’s green-consciousness creates a greater enlightenment for our designers when they’re brainstorming their original jewellery creations. Jewelry Hunt also encourages our fellow members — jewellery designers with innovative insights by supplementing parts of the base design into reusable and sustainable materials. By utilising the recycled precious metals, zero new mining will be involved; as a result, we became eco-friendly right from the git-go. This idea of environmentally-friendly may approach into our jewel artists’ daily livelihood, which allows JH’s green-conception to spread around the artist's surroundings. Ultimately, each step at a time, we hope to reduce as many carbon footprints as possible. 

    As an international multi-platform for jewellery designers, one of Jewelry Hunt‘s main goals in our green cycle is to lead our consumers to an eco-friendly path. Unsurprisingly, with the growth of worldwide consumerism, society’s demand on packaging has risen rapidly. One of the research projects that was conducted by the ACC (American Consumer Council) stated — by the end of 2021, the estimation of production for paper-based packaging is about 80 million metric tons. This enormous consumption rate is driven by our needs for products. Nonetheless, consumers’ environmental consciousness has developed an increment as we progress. The desire for more sustainable packaging designs are also hastily in demand. Thereupon, the most logical and impactful approach for Jewelry Hunt would be to demonstrate an environmental stewardship for this matter. 

    Jewelry Hunt offers a degradable packaging design within all our products. This confers our buyers a chance to become eco-friendly without having to convert major lifestyles adjustments. JH understands that fast-paced modern consumption will not be change in a blink of an eye. In order to maximise Jewelry Hunt‘s conception, we are always on the move in the search of the latest-upfront green-packaging methods. For instance, one of our utmost commitment is to reinvent JH’s packaging materials, in able to be reuse and infuse with our everyday lives. Along with the positive onwards of our market’s green movement, eventually the cost of reclaimable materials will drive down. All considered, green-actions will become a mainstream commodity in any corporation.

    As a global online server for jewellery designers, JEWELLERY HUNT has been constantly pondering on how we can improve our green standards and what it means to be an Eco-friendly cooperative. The ever changing fashion industry is only a small fraction of the impairment to our Mother Nature. Since JH not only handles the management for creative conception, but also the publicity for designers’ market value, and mostly, the manufacture for a customised product; 

these are all the significant elements that JH has the chance to encourage and magnify our green-belief. Despite the fact that we are pursuing the latest imaginative design to secure our consumers’ interest, we eagerly promote the notion of “Environmental-First'' by leading with green actions. After all, it’s not only the polar bears that are walking on thin ice; if we continue to ignore our environmental crisis, the whole planet Earth will be on thin ice. Therefore, assist our snowy-bears; save our own habitat.






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