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COVID-19 Utterly Changed Everything

Release time: 07 July, 2021


The past years had been difficult for most of the population due to the pandemic emergency. The loss of loved ones, sudden unemployment, end of the cliff for countless business ownerships, and these are still unpleasantly continuing at the moment as we speak. 

Every country and region give a tremendous amount of effort into reconstruction of society and liberation from this vicious virus. COVID-19 utterly changed the methods of modern public gatherings and working environments, as an outcome, numerous traditional white-collars are operating from home offices. The great Worldwide Web went from a convenient tool to a must-equipment in any industry. 

As part of our society’s main puzzle piece, the fashion industry is also trying to anticipate the new aspect of our limited lifestyle. The industry shifted to a slower paced approach from Fast-fashion, given that a large part of the community will not constantly require or desire new outfits for outdoors activities. The trend of demand shows signs of deceleration in this closed-door battle. 

Accordingly, jewellery sales plummeted along with the need for lingeries risen, many consumers prefer comfortability over style as they mostly stay home for good. Jewellery designers contended between artistry and market value, while also facing challenges such as lack of public display, devoid of buyers, and shortage of gathering places. These issues alone can form a negative chain-reaction cycle and damage the commercial figure of any jewellery designers. Therefore, online portfolio showcases are one of the best ways to increase the opportunity to achieve career successes. 

Jewelry Hunt 

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