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Azade Baloochi_Jewelry designer

Azade Baloochi

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About Azade Baloochi

I am a jewelry designer. In 2014, I established the MAHOKHORSHID brand in Iran and IRAP company in 2022 in Netherland. Since I have been painting and sculpting professionally for more than twenty years and I studied in the bachelor’s degree in painting and master’s degree in illustration, visualizing and making 3D objects is an easy task for me. I have always been drawing.

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About my design

My interest in history, culture, and human social relations has made the human body, especially women, and their relationship with the environment always one of the main subjects of my works, whether in painting or jewelry design. Based on this, jewels have never been purely decorative objects for me and I consider them to be carriers of history and time. Iran, the country where I was born, with about 8 different ethnic groups with different cultures and languages, with their own artistic works.

About irap company

After many years of experience in the field of design/making and operation of jewelry production line in Iran, I recently register my art and Jewelry company in Amsterdam that is called: irap .Which is supposed to be a place for a more serious and dynamic relationship with activists and professionals

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Cooperation with Jewelry Hunt

irap company with a strong group and with the support of several years of experience in making and designing jewelry aims to open its way to the popular world of jewelry by focusing on the design of special jewelry. Therefore, cooperation with Hunt company with green production processes and high quality production is definitely the right choice to continue the journey and gain customer satisfaction.

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