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Jewelry Designer check-in

Follow the steps below to register as a designer.Our staff will contact you after the approval for follow-up process.

STEP 1 Get to know you!

Please fill in your basic info, so we can know you better.

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STEP 2 Try Our FREE Sampling Service!

JEWELRY HUNT encourage each and every qualified designer to upload their best work, since you will have 9 CHANCES to enjoy this free sample development service.

Our experts will sincerely verify every single piece of your uploaded work. After approval, the sampling process will begin asap! We will notify you once the sample is hot & ready, soon enough you will be able to see the final outcome on PRODUCT. At the same time, a sample can be sent to you via delivery if you wish.

Here you can upload your first work. Leap into this rabbit hole into the wonderland!

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Name of Work
Size   (mm)

1. Please upload your original designs. Files of detailed drawings (Clear display of front, side and back) .
2. Measurements of the drawings (Length, width, thickness and other dimensions).
3. If you acquire the original 3D drawing, please upload for a better perception of your design.
4. After the approval of our experts, the sample development process will begin.

Please upload your original 3D files


Notice After the approval of your submitted design, you will receive a FREE SAMPLING SERVICE (9 chances in total). In addition, the submitted design will be ready for sale under PRODUCTS.

STEP 3 Learn More About WORKBENCH.


You’ve submitted your first work! It will take up to 3 business days for feedback. Meanwhile, why don’t we introduce this personal designer’s tool.

WORKBENCH, where you are able to edit Homepage, upload Works, view Order Status, operate My Earnings, and etc. In addition, WORKBENCH also include services such as Graphic Service, 3D Display, etc. Feel free to try them out anytime!

Happy hunting, Partner!

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